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Co-create or Go Home - Poster

Rs. 299.00

Co-create or Go Home

The idea of an innovator toiling alone is long passé. The Isaac Newtons, the Albert Einsteins, the Madame Curies - theirs was a very different time. A very different economy. A very different world.

Like it or not, the greatest ideas are not made in a vacuum. Creation of anything is always a collaborative process, regardless of how it seems from afar. Everything is derivative, no matter how original you think your thought is.

So, when looking for true innovation, remember that whatever you may have developed working, it could be made much richer by working with others.

Product Details

Type - Poster
Size - Available in A3 (H 420 x W 297 MM)
Paper - Natural Evolution, Ivory Colour - 280 GSM
Finish - Matte
Packaging - Packaged in super strong poster tubes and shipped safely
Shipping - For India only, no charge and despatched within 48 hours.

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